What I learned about the customer service experience while in the Starbucks Drive Thru

This morning my schedule was interrupted by a clothes dryer that required a heating element.  While we are waiting for the part to come the mound of dirty clothes began to mount and my bride and I knew what we had to do.  Off to the laundromat we went and my usual morning routine of making a French Press Coffee at home was omitted.

After the clothes were stuffed into the washing machines I decided to go down to the local Starbucks in Belfair and grab a cup of coffee.

 As I drove up to the digital menu I noticed something that I have never seen before, a person staring back at me on the screen.


I have seen the new trend on Facebook in the last year or so, Videos are becoming more and more popular.  People love to read and to listen but the connection people have when they actually See your face is powerful.

There are companies like QuickPage that are embracing this new trend with an app that allows companies to send video to their clients.  You can then interact right inside of the video page.

 I love this idea because you can describe something in a 30-60 second video that you would normally have to write a 4,000 word email to accomplish the same thing.


The only potential hurdle I see is the feeling that I had when, expecting to see the person on the video screen who took my order, I instead was greeted by a gentleman that took my money and gave me my coffee.

I’m not sure why I felt abandoned by the person on the screen, maybe there are some issues that I have to work through.

I do think there is some value to making sure you remain consistent throughout the process, possibly finishing the transaction throughout the process with the person that took your order and then handed out the coffee.


This little “Aha!” moment was brought to me today by a broken heater element and a disrupted morning.  Sometimes hurdles are opportunities……have a great day!


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