Using Anticipation to fuel your Motivation

Anticipation is a powerful emotion.  I remember in school how nervous I was before a test.  The feelings I had before a job interview and even the feedback I get when I ask my bride to read the latest blog post I created.  Anticipation can make your heart flutter or your blood pressure to rise.  But what if you could use anticipation to push you towards your goals?  To pull you through a drab work week or an emotional valley?  Is there a way to harness this emotion in a way that keeps you motivated and tracking towards your long term goals?

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My bride and I did not do much traveling during the first 20 years of our marriage.  It wasn’t until recently that we decided traveling together would be a great way for us to get some much needed alone time from all of the distractions of personal and work life.  I was fairly spur of the moment so i would plan a trip within a few weeks of us traveling.  The excitement and conversations we had leading up to the trip was exhilaration.  Would we catch a game, eat at a particular restaurant, visit a friend that lived nearby, the options were endless and for the next few weeks we were excited.

During our last trip, a 4 day quick trip to Southern California, I had a conversation with Carli about how powerful the anticipation for our trips were.  We discussed how awesome it would be to plan several “mini trips” throughout the year and have them planned out ahead of time so we always had something to look forward to.  We immediately decided that we would come back in a couple of months and bring our two sons (7 and 12) to repeat this trip.

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Since the  not a day goes by when we aren’t talking as a family about the beaches we will go to, the places we will stay at, and just this morning I looked up surfing lessons for the boys.  The anticipation for a trip that is still a month away is powerful and exciting!  It has been tugging me out of bed each morning, pushing me over the Wednesday Workday Hump, and has added a spark and unity to the family.

Many of us have long term goals that are where we dream of ending up some day.  I believe having small pockets of anticipation throughout the year is a powerful tool that can help keep your momentum going.  For my family it is traveling but for your family it might be staying closer to home.  Maybe instead of boarding an airplane you book a hotel room ahead of time every 2 or 3 months in a cool city where you and the family can hang out.  Maybe it’s a concert or game you buy ticket for and put it on the calendar.  A hike, a trail ride, or even camping.  Anything that you can put on the calendar and have planned ahead where you can focus on when the motivation tank is low.

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For me I think every 2-3 months works but for you it might be every Month or even every other week.  It needs to be something significant enough that you get excited for and planned out far enough in advance that it pulls you toward it.

Good luck with your adventures, let me know what you think…….and what your motivating item(s) will be.