Four Trillion little organisms going down the hatch

Symple Foods Kombucha

Four Trillion, that’s a big number.  I’ve heard plenty of people talk about millions or billions but I never really gave the word Trillion much of a thought.  That is of course until I recently grabbed a bottle of Symple Foods Kombucha at my local Marlene’s store on a recent trip.

I had watched my wife drink the unusual cocktail for years before I conjured up enough courage to drink a bottle this past summer.  I finished my first whole bottle of Kombucha (GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha) and from that moment on I was a fan.

I drank Kombucha the entire summer and into the fall.  One day a comment by an elderly man in a grocery store changed how I thought about my new favorite drink.  “You have these rock star Kombucha brands and then you have Real Kombucha“.

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Real Kombucha? Was I drinking fake Kombucha? I had read the bottles and seen there were 2 Billion CFUs of probiotics in every bottle what could be fake about that?  I didn’t think much of his comments until I walked by the bottles of Symple Foods Kombucha and saw the “4 Trillion” label on the bottle.

Not even half way through the bottle I began to do the math in my head.  The strongest probiotic pills I had seen in the chiller section of the store stated it had “50 Billion CFUs” of Probiotics……..and if I was drinking 4 Trillion CFUs………”

“You mean to tell me I am drinking 80 Million of those 50 Billion CFU capsules Carli?” I asked my wife.

OK, I will give you all a chance to digest that, do the math on a piece of paper, and then redo the math and let that sink in.

I was planning on throwing together some resources and sites, talk a little more in depth but to be honest I think most of you Kombucha drinkers stopped reading and just went “Wow” like I did.  Instead I suggest you go check out their site and reach out to the company, pick up a bottle at your local store.

When you get a chance let me know what you think.


You can find more information about Symple Foods at

****The owners of Symple Foods have not compensated nor asked me to write this post.  The 4 Trillion Probiotics now living in my gut……They probably had something to do with this being written.

Health Benefits of Kombucha Infograph diagram

via 7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha Every Day – Dr. Axe