The Allyn Bistro – The ‘Lil Place That Could

Today I wanted to write about something that was close to my heart as well as my home….literally!  There is a little known gem located on the Olympic Peninsula that speaks to the struggle small town businesses are faced with these days.

The location, next to the 27 Hole Lakeland Village Golf Course and nestled inside of the Lakeland Village residential community, has seen it’s fair share of owners come and go.

In a town that has no stop lights The Allyn Bistro location has always struggled with the right identity it should take on for the local residents.  Should it be a high-end steak house, a burger joint, maybe a new age joint with items you would only find in a big metropolis.  In my opinion it was The Allyn Bistro‘s current offering that hit the mark.


I remember sometime in 2016 listening to the current owner of the popular 2 Margaritas Restauraunt in Allyn explain his vision of the then empty Allyn Bistro Location.  He stated that the town needed quality food and atmosphere at reasonable prices.  This sounded like a tag line but when I looked in his eyes I truly believed him.

In an area like Allyn/Belfair we as a community have watched the Safeway/McDonalds/Starbucks transformation take place but when it comes to a great place for dinner we have always ventured into Bremerton/Silverdale/Port Orchard/Gig Harbor.

I have always chuckled to myself how the small town community would shake their fist at the “Big Corporations” yet drive past Mitchell Lumber to go to Silverdale to buy a 2×4 at Home Depot.  Drive into Walmart in Port Orchard instead of going to Scott MCLendons.

And when family comes into town or we are trying to find a place to take the family for dinner we automatically forget the Allyn Bistro and instead head to Red Robin (Yum) or some other national chain in Silverdale/Port Orchard/Gig Harbor.

The Allyn Bistro feels like it belongs to us, the residents of Belfair and Allyn.  Every time it has closed we have all said , “That’s too bad” but we have never stepped inside and enjoyed a meal.  Countless fundraising events for various civic and school organizations have taken place upstairs but this little spot in the heart of a great neighborhood has somehow struggled.


The menu alone would require another article on its own but I would best sum it up as “that makes sense”.  Not overpriced, never dumbed down, and the type of menu that makes you nod your head in approval. Some of the items include;

  • Blackberry Crepes
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Deep Fried French Toast
  • Salmon Cakes
  • House Meatballs
  • Potato Leek Soup
  • Smoked Tomato Bisque
  • Honey Sriracha Chicken Sandwich
  • Linguine Chicken Alfredo
  • Marsala Steak
  • Rigatoni Alla Vodka
  • Smoked Salmon Pesto Pasta
  • Panna Cotta
  • Brioche Bread Pudding


All of those items are available in your area Belfair/Allyn, and at very reasonable prices. And for you Realtors who are trying to sell that home (or trying to convince that family to join our community), skipping the Allyn Bistro for an “After House Showing Lunch” is selling yourself short.

I just can’t say enough about this place and I am as guilty as the rest of us for not coming here more often.  As I am finishing up my Chef Salad (as good as any I have ever had in Seattle/Portland) I was reminded that I wasn’t downtown Seattle at a fancy restaurant I was actually just a couple of minutes from my home (I looked over my shoulder out of the window )…..


**** The staff at Allyn Bistro have no idea I am writing this as I am enjoying lunch, nor have I asked for compensation of any kind.

Find The Allyn Bistro Facebook at

(360) 277-4137






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