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The Facebook Pixel is the best Advertsiting Budget Hack I have found when it comes to Facebook ads. I created a quick  Youtube Video that goes over the Pixel in under 5 minutes.

If you are the reading type and not into videos, here are some great resources that i have used myself when trying to figure out the FB Pixel.


3 Ways to Use the Facebook Pixel

There are three very important uses for the Facebook Pixel:

  • Retargeting (building audiences of people who have visited your website, retargeting throughout a sales funnel)
  • Optimization (creating higher converting Facebook campaigns focused on a specific action)
  • Tracking (tracking the performance of a campaign, for example… you can track how many leads or sales were generated from a particular ad)
  • via How to Use Facebook Advertising Pixels to Create High …

OK, so now you now WHY you should be using the Facebook Pixel, but HOW to install it is yet another thing.  Social Media Examiner had a great explination on how to to this step by step:


#1: Install the New Pixel

The first thing you need to do is to install the new pixel on your website. This is the easy part if you’ve used the Facebook pixel in the past. First, navigate to the Ads Manager and then follow these steps:

Click Tools and select Pixels from the drop-down menu.

facebook pixel areaNavigate to the new Facebook Pixel area.

On the Facebook Pixel page, click Actions and select View Pixel Code from the dropdown menu.

facebook pixel dropdown menuSelect View Pixel Code.

In the pop-up box that appears, copy the pixel code that is in the top box. At the moment, don’t worry about the conversion tracking event codes.

facebook pixel codeCopy the pixel code in the top box.

Next, go to your website and paste the code in between the main head tags. Some WordPress sites have themes that make this easier (a Header Script area), or you may have to go to the header.php file and edit that. It’s typically under Appearance > Themes > Editor > Header.php. Get a webmaster to help you if you don’t know where to find this.

You’ll know that your code is working if you start to see some traffic recorded in the Total Traffic area after you’ve visited the site where the pixel is installed.

facebook pixel code trafficView your total traffic.

via Facebook pixel – Social Media Examiner

There are plenty of other steps to the Facebook Pixel, you can get pretty creative depending upon the conversions you are trying to get.  The bottom line is the Facebook Pixel will allow you to target your clients instead of spending your Facebook Advertising budget on general audiences.